Benefits of Meditation

The Rejuvenated Mind Ushers In The New And Improved Lifestyle

Everyone these days is on some kind of a quest to improve some aspect of their lives and well-being. Some people are willing to go to the extreme, in any direction, in order to secure peace and happiness. While others spend untold amounts of money on a down payment on serenity. Yet others perish in their pursuit, because they have latched onto some destructive means, of trying to obtain that peace and happiness, that we all so desire. Yet so few are able to obtain.

What is the secret to peace and happiness treasured by these chosen few? Well it’s not in extremes, or in having money to burn, or in a bottle, pill or cup. In fact, it is simply all in your mind.

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Open Dreams – A man standing with open arms set against a beautiful sunrise.

Picture this…soothing streams, lush green surroundings, exotic sounds, and familiar smells. You have just been introduced to meditation, the first step on the journey of peace, serenity and happiness.

The benefits of meditation are many, but the most important one we are going to discuss here is how the benefits of meditation improve your lifestyle. When some people think of meditation they might not look at the practice of meditation as an on-going phenomenon, but rather as discreet modules sectioned off into a designated portion of a person’s day. Our surrounding environment, which can be seen by the naked eye, is entirely influenced by the inner environment of the mind. There is an enemy of peace inside of everyone, it is known as the “monkey mind”. The ‘monkey mind” cannot be still and rest on its own. It must be tamed. Once the mind is tamed through the process of meditation, all other areas of your life will follow suit. I have witnessed over and over how the benefits of meditation improve lifestyle.

There is a type of illness that is classified as psychosomatic. These are the illness which is derived strictly from the mind. High blood pressure caused by stress for example. We all know that stress can cause high blood pressure. So then the high blood caused by stress is classified as psychosomatic in nature. In other words, the cause of the illness is all in the mind. Therefore, if the stress that plagues your mind is removed, so is the stress removed, that plagues your life. And once the stress that plagues your life is removed, the resultant peace of mind breaths life, into your lifestyle. This is but one of the many ways that the benefits of meditation, improve your lifestyle.

A healthy mind, resulting in a happy, enjoyable life, must have an adequate diet of daily meditation. Meditation does for the mind, what exercise does for the body. Let’s face facts, a lot of people realize the benefits of a healthy body to help improve lifestyle. But without the mind being purposefully included in the process of healthy living, then we are merely treating the symptoms while ignoring the cause. So then one must continually apply outward measures, e.g. exercise when such measures are aimed at only the outward manifestations of dis-ease when in reality they are inwardly derived. Meditation develops a certain kind of discipline that orders one’s life, starting from the inside and working it’s way out. Where there is peace within, it is realized without. Exercise is the opposite, it starts from the outside and stays there. At best it can temporarily improve your mood, but it cannot improve the mind as the one whole functioning, a life-sustaining unit that it is. The benefits of meditation are happening continuously. Because, as the psychosomatic is uprooted from the mind, then the fruit of discord is likewise uprooted. And I can promise you, that once discord is uprooted, your perception of life will become increasingly more enjoyable, making it essentially more enjoyable, even if your circumstances never change. You see, your perception of life determines how well you respond to pressure. And once you learn, through meditation, to have such a perception, where pressure can make no valid claims, what is left, is the fertile soil in which the seeds of peace and happiness may flourish.

For thousands of years, people from all walks of life have fully relied upon the benefits of meditation to improve lifestyle. But that is not all. One of the most important endeavors a human being will ever undertake is to care for his fellow man. So then, the tool of peace and happiness that we call meditation can be shared with anyone around you. And improving the lifestyle of those around you indirectly adds to the improvement of your lifestyle as well. In fact, the very act of teaching anything to another, that which improves their lifestyle, will automatically have improvement bubbling over into your own life.

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    Also, the benefits of meditation to improve lifestyle can be seen in the significant increase in productivity in every avenue of your work and play. Why? Because the art of meditation trains your mind to focus. And when you are able to focus, you are able to apply yourself fully to any task. When you are able to apply yourself fully, no energy is wasted on distractions competing for your attention. In other words, your mind is trained to mind. The result is your task is completed with minimal time and effort, while producing maximum results. If the task at hand happens to be in the workplace, just remember, an increase in productivity is a precursor to a raise or a promotion. And a raise, and/or a promotion at work, are certain ingredients of an improved lifestyle in my book.

    Finally, there are benefits of meditation that improve lifestyle, which will be specific and unique to only you. Those of which I cannot explain, but you must uncover and experience for yourself. Are you ready?

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