You are in a relaxed state of mind. A state of relaxed alertness. Inspirations and ideas come to life!

This session is intended to achieve a state of relaxation and alertness. If you are looking to get inspired, feel more creative, achieve a feeling of sensation than listen to this session. Studies have shown while in this state enhanced performance of students has been achieved.

There are 2 sessions each will provide similar results. You can liken the sessions to flavors. One that has pleasant melodies to help you relax and the other which has ambient natural sounds that will also help you focus and relax while listening. Listen to a flavor that you are in the mood for. There is no particular order or requirement. Only that you complete the session once started.

It is important to listen to the entire journey. The path begins and ends at the same frequency. Just as with any trip you will need to find your way home. So it is a good idea to complete the circle and bring your brain back to where it started instead of leaving it in an altered state of consciousness. As always begin with the Meditation Guide found on page 10. If you prefer you can use your own meditation technique. The technique you use shouldn’t go longer than 10 minutes.

After you are in a comfortable position apply your headphones and close your eyes, hit play. Let your thoughts drift around try not to focus on anything in particular. The idea is for your mind to meld with the underlying tones that you will hear. These tones are more like pulses that allow your brain to create its own frequency. This technique is what makes possible to reach areas of your mind that need to be massaged and stimulated.

Please listen to the entire session at one time. So allow for 15 minutes of uninterrupted. After you have completed the session take a moment to reflect. You will notice a feeling of calm and clarity